Fitness is the most important factor for an attractive personality. Everybody wants to look fit and want to get complimented by others. One of the easiest options to keep yourself fit is the indoor exercise bike which provides a complete workout for your body. The Best Exercise Bike under 500 allows you the convenience of a workout at your home.

There is a variety of different types of exercise bikes available in the market, with different benefits and features. You can select the best one for your health goals from the top three types of bikes mentioned in this article.


The Upright category of bikes is somewhat similar to a regular bicycle, however, the pedals are positioned under your body.  These bikes are best for a great cardio workout and help to strengthen your legs and muscles.  The bike has the option to be used both standing or sitting.

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However, these bikes can be a reason to put pressure on your hands and wrists. The small seat can be uncomfortable for some people, especially for long hours of workouts.


This Recumbent Exercise Bike under 500 provides a comfortable position while you are sitting on a larger seat that is placed back from the pedals.  These bikes provide comfort with less stress on the upper body and lower back. The convenience makes your workout less intense. With workout on these bikes, you will have less muscle soreness after your workouts.

For people who stay at home and have less mobility, these recumbent bikes are a good option.  It is also a safer option for older adults or new entrants to the exercise.


The indoor exercise bikes under 500 are a good option for indoor cycling and are somewhat similar to the upright bikes, but with an elevated seat option. These bikes create resistance with a weighted flywheel on the front, which can be adjusted to simulate hills of riding in the wind.

There is no preprogrammed option in these bikes and you have to create resisstance through pedalling.  These bikes are less expensive than other types of exercise bikes under 500.


Although these indoor exercise bikes are safer than riding a bike on the road, however, you should consider the safety concerns while doing your workouts with these exercise bikes:

  • There is a chance of injury from repetitive motion or from using poor form.
  • You can fall off the bike and injure yourself if you cannot balance yourself correctly while your workout.

You should ensure the following tips to keep safe and secure with your workout:

Position your body correctly and use proper form. For any ambiguity about your positioning, it is better to consult a trainer.

If you feel any pain from cycling, take a break and give your body time to recover.

Don’t try to overdo your exercise. Pushing yourself hard is sometimes dangerous, especially if you are new to exercise.

In case of any issues of blood pressure or heart health while or after yoru workout, consult your doctor immediately.